Raspberry Pi

I got my raspberry pi B+ model and excited with what it can really do. Low powered device that I can keep on running forever with just 5V.

I am basically web and software engineer but like to hack stuff and raspberry is cool and perfect for that. I have secondary pc which also runs linux and I could use it too but running my pc everytime is not convenient and consumes too much power due to high end graphic card.

I bought Raspberry Pi so that I could use it as download manager and download anything while I am away from home or sleeping. I also use it for torrents and installed transmission web interface so that I can start downloading torrents from anywhere.

Raspberry Pi uses raspbian linux which is based on Debian.

Raspberry Pi for torrents

I use Transmission BitTorrent client on raspberry with its web interface installed so that i can just use it locally on lan and sometimes wan too when I am away.

I tried other bittorrent client with web interface but wasn't happy.

You just have to setup transmission first time with username, password and some other settings like download directory etc.

Raspberry Pi as Web Server

I also installed nginx server for some local development and testing. Here is url if you want to see static html page served from raspberry pi.


I use broadband and have dynamic ip so you will say how I am using raspberry pi as web server on static sub domain. I am using noip.com as a method to update my dynamic ip address on noip server whenever my ip changes and then from there users get redirected to.

You need to setup dns records for that and point it to noip address which will be given to when you create account with them and its free.

Raspberry Pi as DLNA server

If you don't know what DLNA, Its a standard for sharing data over home network and mostly multimedia files. It simply means you can stream multimedia files over network in your home and can watch movies on any compatible device.

Raspberry works fine as DLNA server and I have attached my WD 2TB external harddisk to it. I found out by default raspberry pi doesnt provide enough power from its usb ports to run 2TB harddisk but luckily in raspberry pi b+ you can change usb port current from .6A to 1.2A .

So to do that you add following lines in file /boot/config.txt and reboot


Note I am using power adapter that provides 5V and 2A current.

To access files on smartphone, tablets you can use DLNA client and install it. There are plenty of available on Playstore and Appstore.

Raspberry Pi B+ has 4 usb ports which is really better upgrade over previous version. I can now attach speakers, usb wifi card and external harddisk to it.

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